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Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving
Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving

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  MSY Aurora - Dive Destinations
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Aurora - Dive Destinations

Adventure, relaxation, comfort and respect for marine biodiversity all come together in the abundant waters and many islands of Indonesia. Marine biologists, professional divers, underwater photographers and video-operators offer professional guidance as you explore coral reefs flaunting the highest biodiversity in the world. Construction started on the purpose built Pinisi schooner 'Aurora' in December 2007 in a traditional shipyard in South Sulawesi. For summer 2009, this regal motor sail yacht started her exploration tours for a demanding clientele of international scuba divers. As a guest aboard this live-aboard, you will enjoy the charm of a traditional boat coupled with the comfort of a modern one. Built using environmentally friendly principles and having the ability to explore remote areas which only a select few – if any – have discovered. We promise you truly unique dives and dive sites, many inspiring island excursions and...

Komodo Island & Marine Park

During June and September, the landscape above the water is unusually dry for Indonesia. On the islands east of Bali rainfalls are rare during the dry season, and the landscape that elsewhere in Indonesia is green all year round, shows here some green and brown patches.

Aurora sails around the different islands, and we stop to sleep almost every evening in a different bay.

Warm (27-29º C) and calm water, extemeley rich and diverse reefs and large colonies of hard coral charachterize the pacific side. Rich fishbanks (barracudas and carangidi) patrol the reef expecially in the canals between the islands, and when the sea tide rises (expecially during the time between june and september) the intensity of the current can be noteworthy.

The southern coast of the Indian Ocean, however, is characterized by colder water temperatures (24ºC -25º C/ /75-77ºF), locally with high waves. The reefs is shallower water are rich in soft corals and hard corals with incrusted forms, very resistant to the strong water movement. In the waters with reduced visibility, encounters with pelagic fish such as sharks, manta rays or the rare moon fish (Mola mola) are quite often.

The reefs on the northern side of Komodo and Rinca and the Lesser Sunda Islands belong to the most versatile reefs in the whole archipelago. Magnificently conserved, rich of big formation of Acropora (table corals). Uncountable reef fish and invertebrates make this underwater landscape very interesting.

The reefs around Komodo are mainly fringing reefs, with a rather narrow reef platform close to the shore while the outer reef descends quite steeply. In the deeper water prevail by fan corals, along with black corals and big sponges.

aurora komodo liveaboard dive cruises

Komodo Island & Marine Park

A journey leading us through two oceans, separating, and uniting here at the same time. A current constantly crosses Indonesia, flowing from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. Due to trade winds, the oceans have a different sea level of about 2 inches.... As the Pacific mixes with the colder Indian Ocean, at the south of the Lesser Sunda Islands, we find Pacific fauna scattered to the north and in-between the islands.



Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat island group of Irian Jaya is currently one of the hottest diving destinations on the planet. Extreme bio-diversity and untouched landscapes rivaling those of the Pacific combined with world class dive sites make these islands one of the world's last scuba diving frontiers. The huge area of Raja Ampat represents a big marine reserve, that stretches out to the north (Waigeo and neighbouring island) and to the south-west (Misool). The whole region is a labyrinth of straits between small sandstone islands eroded by the waves. The dry season is between September to March, however, rainfalls are to be expected throughout the whole year.

aurora raja ampat liveaboard dive cruises
aurora alor liveaboard dive cruises


Alor Island is recognized as one of Asia's top ten dive destinations. Massive schools of reef fish inhabit pristine coral reefs, spectacular walls and vast coral gardens host an abundance of all forms of marine life. Alor is also now renowned as Indonesia's newest premier muck diving location.



The Spice Islands, that have become famous for their cloves, nutmeg and historical stories about pirates. From the intense blue Banda Sea, steep pinnacles pierce the surface, surrounding them surreal emerald-green lagoons and islands made from coral sand. These aptly named Coral Keys and are colonised by rich vegetation.

The landscape and coral islands alternate with rock formation covered with a green layer, giving our passage from Asia to Oceania an almost unreal magic. We refer here to biological borders that sometimes are quite different from geographical borders. The dry season starts in this region in September and goes until end of March; however, rainfall can be expected throughout the year. 

Aurora sails around several islands, like Gunung Api, Lucipara, and the islets around Banda, until the waters of Ambon. We will overnight almost every day in a different bay.

Around and in the middle of the Banda sea, the crests of the submerged pinnacles are surrounded by a magnificent reef, at times very rich of hard corals.


aurora banda sea liveaboard dive cruises
aurora ambon liveaboard dive cruises


Ambon holds an important place in the rich history of Indonesia, and as one of its best diving destinations. The Ambonese are a welcoming and hospitable people, proud of the history and beauty of their island as well as the fantastic diving found around their shores.


Exploration Diving

For charter cruises the regular itinerary may be modified to explore other destinations or regions throughout the archipelago. During these cruises, divers have a chance to plunge into the unknown reefs of the Indonesian archipelago.

aurora indonesia liveaboard boat charter dive cruises

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