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Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving
Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving

Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving


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The Cheng Ho - Itenary & Rates

Komodo 11 Nights Cruise

Day 1: Depart Bima
Day 2: North Komodo
Day 3: Komodo Dragoan Walk / Pada
Day 4: Rinca - Horseshoe Bay
Day 5: Rinca - Horseshoe Bay
Day 6: South Komodo / Padar
Day 7: Norh Komodo
Day 8: North Komodo / Banta
Day 9: Banta / Sangeang
Day 10: Sangeang
Day 11 Sumbawa
Day 12: Arrive Benoa Bali

Sorong/Banda Neira 12 Nights Cruise

Day 1: Depart Sorong 5pm
Day 2: Fiau - Misool
Day 3: Misool
Day 4: Koon
Day 5: Banda Neira
Day 6: Banda Neira
Day 7: Koon
Day 8: Misool
Day 9: Misool
Day 10: Manusuar Kri
Day 11: Dampier Street - Batantar
Day 12: Wai Island
Day 13: Arrive Sorong 8am

For 2013 cruise & charter rates and availibilty please contact us!

individual passengers

group bookings

Group bookings are eligible for all cabin types EXCEPT staterooms. For any guests in a group booking wishing to occupy a double or twin cabin alone, a Single Occupancy Surcharge will apply as listed above.

Group bookings will be allocated regular cabins unless the staterooms are requested. Staterooms and single cabins are charged at the published individual rate per night. Cabins not booked as part of a group booking will be available for other divers.

full boat charters

For the Cheng Ho a full boat charter is defined as 18 to 20 paying guests, the charter rate is calculated at the lowest published room rate per person (excluding free of charge passengers) and includes both upper deck staterooms.

port clearance, transfer & baggage fees

For departures from many ports in Indonesia we have to add a surcharge to cover airport to boat transfers, port clearance charges, entrance fees, excess luggage and luggage handling fees. Please note that these surcharges may change without prior notice.

  • Irian Jaya - $250/pax
  • Kendari - $200/pax
  • Maumere - $150/pax
  • Bima - $150/pax
  • Bali - $ 150/pax
  • Ambon - $200/pax

Bali, Bima & Maumere to Sorong (Irian Jaya) $250 USD

fuel surcharges

Due to the recent large increases in the cost of fuel Kararu Dive Voyages has been forced to add a fuel surcharge to all cruises as follows. Please note that these surcharges may change without prior notice.

  • 7 night cruise - $100/pax
  • 11 night cruise - $150/pax
  • 14 night cruise - $200/pax
  • FakFak cruises - due to the large cruising distance for cruises to this remote destination, a special fuel surcharge fee of US$ 325/pax applies.

Raja Ampat Entrance Fee

Raja Ampat, one of the most bio-diverse marine areas in the world has been declared a National Park effective August 12, 2007. ALL divers are now required by law to pay an entrance fee of US$55 per person to dive in this area. The ticket will be valid for one year and will go towards supporting reef conservation and community development. This project will be managed by three major NGOs, CORAL INTERNATIONAL (, WWF ( and TNC (
Kararu Dive Voyages will pre-purchase the ticket for you and bill it to your account on board. If you would like further information about how revenue generated from your entrance fee is being utilized.

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