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Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving
Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving

Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving







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Banggai Fisherman

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Paisubatu Dive Destinations and Cruises

Raja Ampat

Period: November to March

The area known as Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting in 4 main islands surrounded by over 1500 smaller islands and cays. This area is part of the West Papua province of Indonesia.

It is certainly the world's most biodiverse marine regionwith more recorded fish, coral and mollusks species than anywhere else on the planet. Some areas boost enormous schools of fishes ; there are spots with large groups of manta rays, other with schools of barracudas, trevallies, bump head parrot fish, large groupers, and of course always a great variety of critters. The reefs are varied as their inhabitants, with vertical walls, seamounts, pinnacles, slopes, caves, lagoons, some more covered with hard corals and other displaying colorful soft corals. Everywhere you will find a lot of gorgonians with their resident pygmy seahorses. Everywhere you will find a profusion of colors and life.

paisubatu raja ampat liveaboard dive cruises

North Sulawesi/Sangihe

Period: May to October

During the North Sulawesi cruise, you will discover a great variety of dive sites and a fauna ranging from the tiny pygmy sea horse to the shark. However, the highlits are definitively more on small animals and macro than pelagic.

The program includes the Bunaken Marine Park and it's legendary wall dives where abound fishes and turtles; the pinnacles and rocks of Bangka islands covered with colorful soft corals and fish life; the famous muck dives of Lembeh Strait where you can see the most incredible and beautiful underwater creatures of the world, such as hairy Frogfish, Mimic Octopus, Rhinopias and much more.

The Sangihe islands extension, on the islands that extends north of the peninsule in direction of the Philippines, offers a mix of muck dives and sites more favorable for pelagic encounter, as well as the famous underwater volcano of Mahangetan.

This cruise gives opportunities for many night dives that are also a must in North Sulawesi. You will be amazed by the abundance and diversity of night creatures.

The program also includes a visit to the Tankoko National Park, a rainforest reserve famous for encounters with Tarsiers, black macaques and hornbills.

Waters surrounding Sulawesi and her islands are recognized as being amongst
the richest on earth in variety and number of species. The reputation of locations
such as Bunaken and Lembeh Strait (North Sulawesi, Manado) is already well established amongst divers. Our cruise, on Banggai or Togian Islands, according
to the season, is a good option to experience diving in the magnificence of the Sulawesi seas.

indonesia_liveaboard_scuba_diving_wallacea_sulawesi On the east side of Sulawesi, the two archipelagos with numerous coral reefs offer a great variety of spectacular dive sites and underwater sceneries: walls, pinnacles with an abundant fish life, coral gardens, critters, and much more. Above the water you will discover hundreds of islands and coral
cays, white sandy beaches and tropical vegetation.
A dream for an eight days cruise of unlimited
diving, far away from the crowd and the "dive industry".

Access is relatively quick and easy: Maleo
, our the base of operation close to
Luwuk, is only at 1 1/2 hours from Manado by
daily flights, connecting with international flights
from and to Singapore. We arrange your trip
from your arrival in Indonesia: reception at
Manado airport, transfers, and local flights
booked and prepaid.

- Dive Destination Togia Island

- Dive Destination Banggai Island

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