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General Informations for our SSI Platinum Resort & Padi IDC Gold Palm Dive Resort

Please have a look at our dedicated Dive Resort homepage:

General check-out time is 12:00 . Depending on our booking situation you may keep your room longer. Please contact our receptionist regarding this matter.

Please find the details about our dive center in the detailed info folder at the reception, or contact our dive guides, instructors or dive staff.

Draught beer and various cocktails are offered from 11:00 until late in the evening. Please be quiet in the late ours with reference to our sleeping guests. Also, please avoid bringing glass ware into the pool.

220 V, plugs are the same connector type as in Europe .

We offer a large variety of dive equipment, sports wear, dive books, CD-ROMs and adventure stuff. Please take a look at in our Class & Exhibition Room.
If you are interested in anything please contact our reception or our General Manager.

We provide a laundry service only. Dry cleaning is not available. Please fill in the laundry paper and leave your laundry on the bed with the paper attached. We deliver your cleaned clothes most likely within 24 hours. Emails: we are happy to get your mail posted. Please leave your mail at the reception desk, and we mail it for you. The stamp price will be added to your room bill.

Massages are offered by the local village people in our resort. The price is Rp. 70.000 per hour. Please contact the reception and pick up your massage bon . These massage are pure relaxation massage, not medical.

A small Minibar is provided in all super deluxe rooms. We refill them every day. The prices are the same as in the restaurant and your consummation will be added to your room bill.

For small wounds or bites please contact our reception and our trained staff can handle minor First Aid. However if medical attention is needed, we organize your trip to the closest English speaking doctor, or for special cases to Kuta. Dive related emergencies will be handled first priority, and an Oxygen kit is available. Please contact the Dive Instructor in such a case.

The fresh water swimming pool is reserved for our guest. Please note that the facility is used for dive training as well. Please do not use the white room towels for the beach chairs. We are glad to offer you special beach towels. Ask for it at our reception.

Breakfast is served in our restaurant starting 07:00 until 11:00 . Earlier breakfast may be served upon special request. Please contact our reception. Continental breakfast is included in the room price.
Our restaurant offers a mix of Indonesian/ Asian and Western Cuisine. We offer fresh cakes, many different coffees and the Special of the Day.

As a dive resort and role model in preventing the oceans and this beautiful island, we try to make every possible preventive step. You may help us by reusing your towels. If you wish to use you room-in towels for another day please hang it on the towel rack, if you need new towels, just leave them on the floor.

If you wish to make a private sightseeing tour , or a private tour around the island we will be happy to arrange transport for you. Prices and all other information at the reception counter.

Please re-confirm your transportation back to Kuta, or the Airport or any other destination minimum 24 hours before departure. TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN!! Please note that this resort is prepared to handle divers and adults in a first place. Some of our facilities may represent danger to the young, especially for under 5years. (High stairs or the pool which is 3m deep!)

Our tap water has been analyzed in Singapore and proved to be drinking quality. However we advise to drink bottled water, available in the restaurant. All ice cubes are made from drinking water either in the restaurant or in the minibar.

For your safety and for the sake of our fellow divers we follow some universal rules here as well. We all want to be on the safe side so as the animals and creatures down in the sea. We kindly ask you to keep these in mind: S.A.F.E. Diving (Slowly Ascend from Every Dive!) Maximum depth is 30m! Minimum tank pressure when surfacing 50 bar or 700 psi! We don't to decompression dives! Do not touch; do not take anything from the sea; No solo diving allowed! Every time mark your start time on the white board! Please confirm your arrival with the dive staff! We don't feed fish (they feed us.) Do not use gloves! The water temperature is around 28 degree celsius entry be cautious, rocks are slippery! When surfacing always be aware of boat traffic! Report ALL injuries even if they are minor!

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