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Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving
Bali Tauch Hotel Resort mit
moderner Tauchbasis & Schiffwrack

Bali Dive Resort - Tulamben Ship Wreck Diving
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About the Pinisi Schooner "MSY Aurora"

The KLM Aurora is one of Indonesia's most elegant and luxurious Liveaboard vessel. Built in 2009 with speed, safety and comfort in mind, the ship spans an impressive 42 meters long and 9 meters wide, all powered by a 420 hp Mitsubishi marine engine. The elegance of her solid iron wood hull and teak wood interior combined with luxurious air conditioned cabins and modern safety, navigation and diving equipment make her the superior choice amongst liveaboard dive vessels in Indonesia.

The KLM Aurora is our new dedicated vessel for all scheduled cruises throughout the incredible Indonesian Archipelago.

Indonesian 'Bugis Prahus', commonly known as Pinisi, are made from locally-grown timber (Ironwood & Teak amongst others) according to a tradition that dates back to long before Portuguese colonists reached the area. The classic beauty of the KLM Aurora combines this traditional craftsmanship with modern conveniences, providing our guests with luxurious comfort even in the remotest waters of Indonesia. The KLM Aurora is one of Indonesia's most sought after luxury liveaboard scuba diving vessel.

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