About North Sulawesi - Lembeh & Lembeh Strait, Bangka Island, Sangihe Talaud

Indonesia is little known to divers out there that it is actually one of the world’s best scuba destination even though it has many beautiful diving spots. Indonesia has one of the longest coastline in the world stretching from the Indian Ocean to the east and Pacific Ocean to the west. Being part of the Coral Triangle of the world, Indonesia has a diverse marine life with 20% of world’s coral reefs. There are over 3000 fish species and 600 coral species to discover, where the dive sites come in diverse types from coral, steep walls, deep water trenches, wrecks and underwater volcanic mountains. To top it off, diving in Indonesia is affordable. The best time and weather to dive in Indonesia are during the dry season of April to December. But it is generally alright to dive all year round. Forming one corner of the ‘Coral Triangle’, the epicenter of world marine biodiversity, and containing 20% of the world’s coral reefs, it will come as no surprise that it boasts the most diverse waters in the world. Indonesia is a part of the Coral Triangle of the world. This means that this one country has 20% of the world’s coral reefs, resulting in a beautifully diverse marine life! As well as bright and colorful dives, you will also stumble upon a wide variety of experiences. Think of deep water trenches, sunken wrecks, and underwater volcanic mountains, all waiting to be explored. North Sulawesi - Lembeh & Lembeh Strait, Bangka Island, Sangihe Talaud During the North Sulawesi cruise, you will discover a great variety of dive sites and a fauna ranging from the tiny pygmy sea horse to the shark. However, the highlits are definitively more on small animals and macro than pelagic. The program includes the Bunaken Marine Park and it's legendary wall dives where abound fishes and turtles; the pinnacles and rocks of Bangka islands covered with colorful soft corals and fish life; the famous muck dives of Lembeh Strait where you can see the most incredible and beautiful underwater creatures of the world, such as hairy Frogfish, Mimic Octopus, Rhinopias and much more. The Sangihe islands extension, on the islands that extends north of the peninsule in direction of the Philippines, offers a mix of muck dives and sites more favorable for pelagic encounter, as well as the famous underwater volcano of Mahangetan. This cruise gives opportunities for many night dives that are also a must in North Sulawesi. You will be amazed by the abundance and diversity of night creatures. The program also includes a visit to the Tankoko National Park, a rainforest reserve famous for encounters with Tarsiers, black macaques and hornbills. Waters surrounding Sulawesi and her islands are recognized as being amongst the richest on earth in variety and number of species. The reputation of locations such as Bunaken and Lembeh Strait (North Sulawesi, Manado) is already well established amongst divers. Our cruise, on Banggai or Togian Islands, according to the season, is a good option to experience diving in the magnificence of the Sulawesi seas. On the east side of Sulawesi, the two archipelagos with numerous coral reefs offer a great variety of spectacular dive sites and underwater sceneries: walls, pinnacles with an abundant fish life, coral gardens, critters, and much more. Above the water you will discover hundreds of islands and coral cays, white sandy beaches and tropical vegetation. A dream for an eight days cruise of unlimited diving, far away from the crowd and the "dive industry".