Sea Safari Terms & Conditions

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General Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 01 April 2022


  1. Reservation

Reservations can be made by email to, our cruise request form on this website, or WhatsApp at +62 81 657 0912. Please state any requirements that you may have.


  1. Deposit

A deposit of 20% must be paid to Indonesia Liveaboard within 7 days after the date the reservation is made. If the deposit is not received within the stated period, Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises will release your reservation. The 20% deposit is non-refundable.


  1. Second Payment

A further thirty percent (30%) of the total invoice must be paid one hundred and eighty (180) days prior to the date of departure.


  1. Balance Payment

Balance payment fifty percent (50%) is to be paid in full at the latest 60 days prior to departure date. If full payment of the balance is not received by this date then Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises has the right to cancel the booking and enforce cancellation fee.


  1. Short Notice Booking

If reservation is made less than 60 days prior to departure, full payment is required.


  1. Late Payment Penalty Notice

For payment received after due date, the outstanding balance will incur a penalty of 5% from the total invoice. If the penalty is not paid within 30 days, we will automatically cancel and release your booking.
*Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises will receive the NETT amount as stated in the invoice.


  1. Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation penalties apply unless amended by agreed conditions:
– More than 180 days = 0% cancellation fees, deposit paid will be converted fully to credit note i.e. 20% credit note
– 35% of the total invoice will be charged if you cancel between 179 to 91 days prior to the scheduled trip date
– 50% of the total invoice will be charged if you cancel between 90 to 46 days prior to the scheduled trip date
– 100% of the total invoice will be charged if you cancel within 45 days prior to the scheduled trip date or no show.
No waiver for refund.


  1. Payment Onboard

We accept Visa/Master Card and bank transfer onboard for payments including beverages, souvenirs, gear rental, and diving courses.



  1. Diving Conditions

To partake in any scuba diving activity with Sea Safari Cruises, guests are required to hold a certification from a recognized scuba diving agency such as SSI, CMAS, NAUI, PADI or equivalent. All divers must either have Open Water with at least 25 logged dives in the past 5 years. If the guest fails to meet this requirement, they will be required to hire a private Dive Master to ensure the safety of the guest during diving activities. The fee for a private Dive Master is USD 50 /day. All divers must produce a written/stamped logbook with your last dives and all necessary certifications for the type of dives they wish to undertake. EAN Nitrox 32% will only be available to divers who are certified in this specialty.


  1. Force Majeure and Unpredictable Acts of Man

Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises reserves the right to cancel a trip for reasons of Force Majeure (i.e. natural disaster, epidemic etc) or unavoidable acts of man (i.e. war, riots, strikes etc). In the even of this happening Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises will advice you at the earliest possible date. Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to guest’s personal belongings that are due to Force Majeure causes.


  1. Reschedule

In the case of your trip got affected by travel restrictions imposed by government authorities that prevent you to travel to the designated destination, given sufficient evidence, you are allowed for a reschedule with a maximum of 180 days period from your original trip date without additional charge. Any payments made on the original trip invoice will be credited to the rescheduled trip invoice. You are allowed to reschedule to a longer itinerary trip given that any surplus fare differential between the original and new trip invoice must be paid in full. If the travel restrictions persist, we will reschedule accordingly. No waiver for refund.


  1. Damages Resulting from Personal Injury, Illness, or Death

Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises assumes no liability caused by failure, delay, acts or omissions of service delivered by operators, public carriers or other third parties that act on behalf of Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises. Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises shall not be responsible for any injury (whether or not resulting in death) or damage to property arising out of any act of war, insurrection, revolt or any other civil uprising or military action occurring in the countries of origin, destination or passage. In case of a medical problem arising during the trip, either onboard or on shore, which results in costs for evacuation, use of aircraft or repatriation, the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the passengers.


  1. Other Conditions

– Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises reserves the right to substitute a vessel of similar standards when operational requirements demand.

– In case of drastic increased in fuel prices happening globally or due to government regulations, Indonesia Liveaboard Dive Cruises may impose a fuel surcharge with sufficient notice to guests.
– Itineraries are subject to change due to sea and weather conditions, availability of sea anchorage, government regulations or other factors.

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The following practices are based on the World Health Organization (WHO), Divers Alert Network (DAN), PADI, and International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines. Compliance is mandatory when you board Sea Safari Cruises ships. Please call or email our support desk with any questions or concerns.


General Measures for Guests and Crew
  • Comply with standard infection protection and control precautions related to hygiene:
    • Hand-washing using the 20-second hand-washing rule with hot water and soap
    • Use of hand-sanitizer
    • Avoid touching your face, particularly eyes, nose, mouth with your hands to prevent from getting infected
    • Cough/sneeze into the bend of your elbow
    • If you use a tissue, discard of it properly and wash/sanitize your hands immediately
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is or appears unwell or shows COVID-19 symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.)
  • Maintain a WHO recommended social distance of at least 1 metre between yourself and others
  • Wear a mask in all public areas
  • Avoid shaking hands, do not share food, drink, utensils etc.
  • Cleaning routine will be increased by our crew especially on high contact, high frequency touch areas (door knobs, counters, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Thorough disinfecting procedures will be applied between trips
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed in various locations throughout the vessel (dive deck, restaurant, doorways to enter)
  • Self-monitor your health condition. Immediately report any sickness symptoms to the Cruise Director
  • COVID-19 questionnaire is to be filled by guests prior to the trip
  • Crew have been trained and are aware of the preventive measures


Preboarding Guidelines: before you leave your place of residence
  • Be sure to monitor your health before leaving to travel to join us on the ship
  • Check your temperature twice daily and keep records for 7 days before travel and inform us if you show any symptoms
  • Inform us if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or show any symptoms before leaving to travel to join the ship
  • Make arrangements to bring the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) sufficient to cover the period of travel to the ship
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own diving or snorkelling equipment if possible (mask/snorkel at a minimum).


Practices while at the airport or on the aircraft
  • Arrange transportation to/from the airport that minimizes contact with other people, such as trusted private provider
  • Avoid using public transportation
  • Wear PPE as instructed for the duration of travel as far as practicable (e.g. mask and gloves, etc.)
  • Carry and handle your own luggage to the extent possible
  • Keep all relevant documents required for travel, in a bag or compartment that can be easily accessed to be disinfected later
  • Maintain social distancing onboard the flight when possible, and sit with appropriate seat spacing, as arranged by the airline or cabin crew on board the aircraft
  • Limit exposure to aircraft crew during in-flight service and other passengers when using the facilities when possible


Local hotel stays
  • Pay special attention to social distancing, hygiene and PPE requirements at the hotel
  • Maintain temperature checks twice daily and keeping a record
  • Continue to handle your own luggage at the hotel
  • Consider declining daily room cleaning service


Prior to boarding one of our ships
  • Properly dispose of any single-use PPE used during travel (only that which cannot be washed/disinfected)
  • We will provide complimentary health checks before boarding (e.g. having your temperature taken at the time of embarkation, reviewing mandatory temperature records, being tested for COVID-19 if suitable test kits are available, etc.)
  • Please wear a mask in all public spaces
  • We will arrange for disinfection of your luggage and dive gear


Onboard our ships

Practice shipboard self-distancing (SSD), as far as possible, that might include:

  • Avoiding all non-essential contact or close proximity with others on board
  • All spaces on the ships including your cabin will have been disinfected with vital oxide application
  • Staggered meal service, dive and safety briefings, dive times
  • Please wear a mask in all public spaces
  • Option to decline or limit daily room cleaning service
  • Use the designated space for your equipment


Diving Activities
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own dive gear
  • Limited number of guests on the dive deck at one time
  • Tender boat limit of 5 guests per boat
  • Guests and crew to wash their hands (or sanitize if hand washing is not readily available) before touching the cylinder valves and regulator connections during assembly and disassembly
  • Guests assemble and disassemble their own equipment
  • No more wash basins for dive gear. There will be one basin for cameras and crew will rinse, using running water, then place camera on wet camera table
  • Dive equipment to be decontaminated after each use according to DAN guidelines, and decontaminated equipment should be kept separate from other equipment.
  • Any materials not needed for the dive operations or safety reasons should not be taken on board
  • Maintain at least 2 metres of distance when clearing your nose, sinuses, or throat at the surface or after a dive
  • Maintain social distancing when you get back on board (2 metres distance where possible)
  • Use defogging products to defog mask, the use of saliva is discouraged.
  • Buddy Checks conducted visually, avoid touching other diver’s equipment and do not test breath alternate air sources. Self-demonstrate and verbally confirm the steps in a buddy check
  • Out of air emergencies: in cases of an emergency or during training, it is recommended that divers use alternate air source and avoid donating the regulator to others unless necessary


Restaurant Service
  • No more self-service buffet. Buffet will still be served and our restaurant staff will assist
  • All common areas will be utilized during meal times. Sun decks and lounges will be prepared as dining area


Preventive Action Plan

Suspected infected crew/guest will commence an immediate isolation to a private area/cabin. The patient will be provided with a medical mask and should remain isolated until transferred to an appropriate health facility.



Maintain self-distancing with other people and don’t forget to remain hygienic.

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, we will continue to adapt and improve the measures we are taking.