Alor Liveaboard Cruise Oceanic – Flores & Timor

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    • Alor / Flores / Timor
    • 10 Days / 9 Nights
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    • Unlimited
    • NOT Available
    • Additional Dives
    • Airport Pick Up
    • Boat Cabin Accommodation
    • Daily Scheduled Dives
    • Dive Guide
    • ENOS
    • Full Board
    • Hotel pickup and drop-off
    • Hotel/Airport to Boat Transfer
    • Land Excursions
    • Meals
    • NITROX
    • Port and/or National Park Entrance Fees
    • Soft Drinks
    • Tour Guide
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    From 3.596,00$
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    Alor Liveaboard Cruise Oceanic – Flores & Timor

    Alor Liveaboard Cruise


    Alor, Flores & Timor

    Banda Sea Liveaboard Cruise

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    Oceanic Alor Liveaboard Cruise Route, Duration & Rate:

    Embarkation is on the first day and disembarkation on the last published day early in the morning.

    Cruise: “Alor, Flores & Timor”9 Nights, Embark: Kupang  Disembark: Maumere  …or reverse
    From 3.330 Euro (Suite 3.600 Euro)

    Please Note: OCEANIC Liveaboard is charging it’s liveaboard cruise rates in Euro! This websites general currency setting in US$ are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations.


    oceanic liveaboard cruise alor


    Price includes

    • The same number of nights as of days of the cruise, disembarking in the morning of the last published date.
    • Transfers from the airport or hotel to the boat, and back at the end of the cruise.
    • Full board, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruits and snacks.
    • Full Board on board, Tea, Coffee, Snacks and 1 Soft Drink at lunch and Dinner.
    • An average of 3 or 4 dives per day. Night dives almost every day unless conditions or long sailing distance do not permit it. Check dive in the afternoon plus night dive on the day of arrival, and two morning dives on the last day to allow for desaturation before departure the following day.
    • Land tours as specified in the schedule of the cruise.
    • Diving tanks and weights for divers. Snorkeling gear and one intro dive for non-divers.
    • Additional complimentary services onboard such as library, music or first aids.

    Price does NOT include

    • Any other way of transportation than SMY Ondina or MY Oceanic.
    • Alcoholic drinks, tips & gratuities and any other onboard service not specified above like, equipment rental, nitrox… etc
    • Harbour fee of 250 Euros to be paid onboard or transferred together with the price of the cruise. This is to cover the expenses of National Park and M.P.A. fees, fuel surcharge and harbor clearance.

    Land Tours

    • Every cruise we run short excursions to visit spectacular landscapes, local villages, wildlife, deserted beaches… etc. This doesn’t affect the number of dives scheduled unless agreed upon by the guests.
    • If you want to visit any other place in Indonesia before or after the cruise we can refer you to our local partner that specializes in organizing land tours and extensions across the country.


    The string of islands stretching east of Java and Bali continue all the way to Alor, the last one before Wetar marks the beginning of the Maluku and the Banda sea. The straits between the islands east of Flores have a similar configuration as the ones in Komodo, and diving is as spectacular here as in Nusa Penida or Komodo. The water tends to have a deep ocean blue quality, and the reefs display a palette of pastel colours unique to this region, probably due to the volcanic composition of its shores. Many different types of diving take place here, from walls to ridges, from seamounts to muck diving, creating different opportunities for different levels and interests.
    alor dive cruise oceanic liveaboard
    Topside, the volcanoes predominate, many of them populated by some of the friendliest locals in Indonesia. Combining Christianity and animism, there are villages still dedicated to traditional whaling for sustenance – as it is also a cetacean thoroughfare – while the women skillfully weave their famed ikat sarongs, both following traditional methods from their ancestry.
    This route retains a flavor of wilderness, in spite of the fact that it is just a quick one-and-a-half hour flight from Bali.

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    Sample Itinerary:
    10 Days / 9 Nights  Alor, Flores & Timor Liveaboard Cruise
    From: Maumere to: Kupang 

    Disclaimer: Itineraries are only for orientation and might be modified due to weather conditions, sea conditions and other external causes. Departures are only guaranteed with a minimum of 6 paying passengers.


    Day 1: Maumere

    Transfer to the boat upon arrival, welcome drink and accommodation. Check dive in Tanjung Darat, in mainland Flores, and night dive in The Crack, a big shaft on the reef top caused by 1992 tsunami, that continues down the wall.. Overnight to East Flores.

    • Maumere port (Sadang froth), Uneng City, Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • up to 2 Dives

    Day 2: Flores Dive Sites

    First dive in Tanjung Gedong, along a wall with a couple of pinnacles rising from it, sporting reef sharks, tuna, barracuda and schools of fish. Next dive in West Serbete, a ridge covered in hard corals with schooling silvery fish and sharks. Afternoon dive in Wotang, a muck site with small coral heads and critters. Overnight sail to West Solor.

    • Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 3: Solor

    Dive the islands on SW Solor: Oceanic Rock, Pulau Kambing and Pulau Tiga, with rich colorful reefs reminiscent of those of Komodo Straits, populated by napoleon wrasse, reef sharks and jacks and tunas. After night dive sail to South Lembata.

    • Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 4: Soangi Island

    Two morning dives in Pulau Soangi, featuring terraces covered in soft corals, caves, canyons and a swim-through across the island. Afternoon and night dives in front of the village of Lamalera, dedicated to traditional whaling, which we visit in between to witness a mock hunt and other whaling-related paraphernalia. Night sail to West Pantar.

    • Soangi, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 5: West Pantar

    Dive West Pantar, in current-swept sites such as Pulau Kambing (a small islet featuring a big boulder with an arch and schools of fish), a pinnacle with a sprouting little ridge that attracts a lot of fish life, and Watu Ile, a small wall with a swim-through at 26 m. Night dive at a nearby reef and off to Alor.

    • Pulau Pantar, Tube, Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 6: Alor Archipelago

    First dive in Babylon, with hanging gardens of soft corals, sponges and fans. After breakfast visit a village to witness traditional Ikat weaving. Second dive at The Great Wall of Pantar, and afternoon in The Boardroom, a slope covered in hard and soft corals, with lots of fish and eaglerays swimming in the blue. Night dive at Pak Yan’s Village, with interesting critters including rhinopias.

    • Alor Archipelago, Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 7: Alor Archipelago

    Morning dive at Clownfish Valley, probably the largest anemone field in the world. After breakfast dive Crucifixion, and afternoon and night dives in Gereja Tua, in South Pura.

    • Alor Archipelago, Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 8: Beang Abang

    Full diving day around Beang Abang, a bay with hot springs from the volcano pouring into the beach. The diving here offers multiple critters like ribbon eel, ghost pipefish and frogfish. Visit to the village in the afternoon and night dive in the black sand of the bay. Overnight sail to Kupang.

    • Alor Archipelago, Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • Diving & Land Excursion

    Day 9; Kupang

    Last two dives in the morning in the vicinity of Kupang, and afternoon sailing into town to prepare for departure the morning after.

    • Kupang, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • 2 Dives

    Day 10: Kupang Harbor


    • Kupang, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    • 0 Dives

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