Derawan Islands Kalimantan Liveaboard Cruises MV Ambai

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    Derawan Islands Kalimantan Liveaboard Cruises MV Ambai


    Kalimantan – Derawan Islands

    Liveaboard Cruises with MV AMBAI


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    Cruise Duration & Rates start from:

    10 Days / 9 Nights – 3.670 € – 27 Dives

    11 Days / 10 Nights – 4.080 € – 30 Dives

    12 Days / 11 Nights – 4.490 € – 33 Dives

    Boarding: Tarakan  Disembark: Tarakan

    Please Note: MV AMBAI Liveaboard is charging it’s liveaboard cruise rates in Euro!
    Published prices in US$ are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations.


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    One of Indonesia’s most underrated hidden gems for scuba divers, Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan (East Borneo) offers some of Indonesia’s richest underwater life. In fact, Derawan ranks just second to Raja Ampat in terms of coral diversity with over 460 different species of corals.


    derawan dive cruise ambai


    While Derawan is mostly known in the scuba diving sphere for its manta rays and whales sharks, there are actually over 870 fish species inhabiting this area. Whether you’re into tiny critters or bigger fish, there will be no shortage of marine life to see!

    This archipelago also hosts Indonesia’s largest nesting site of the endangered hawksbill turtles and giant green turtles, where you can watch them lay their eggs in the sand! Furthermore, Derawan is also one of the 4 places in the world where you can swim with stingless jellyfish. You rarely find a dive destination as varied as Derawan. 

    Part of the Coral triangle, Derawan Islands have one of Indonesia’s richest underwater life. Cave dives, wreck dives, muck dives, drift dives, walls, plateaux. The diving in Borneo ranks second after Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua, but for pelagic lovers who want to have the chance to encounter all the big stuff in a single trip, that’s the place!

    507 species of corals, 872 species of fish including protected species (5 giants clam species, 2 sea turtles, coconut crab) – from pygmy seahorse to whale sharks. Some of the islands harbor the heavily exploited turtle eggs and yet the largest green turtle nesting site in Indonesia.


    derawan islands dive sites


    Located in East Kalimantan (Indonesian part of Borneo) at the confluence of the deltas and the deepwater of the Celebes Se, Derawan’s archipelago AKA the Indonesian Maldives consists of 31 islands and 2 atolls.

    Some of the species: hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, thresher sharks,  leopard sharks, manta rays, dolphins, giant turtles, dugongs, barracudas, stingless jellyfish. When we encounter all of them once, we call it a big-5 safari.

    While there is still large room for exploration, four islands stand out for diving and snorkeling.


    ambai kalimantan liveaboard


    Species that can be will be encountered

    Hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, thresher sharks,  leopard sharks, manta rays, dolphins, giant turtles, dugongs, barracudas, stingless jellyfish, surgeonfishes, Bumphead parrotfishes, Trevallies and giant trevallies, spadefish.  Seahorse, frogfish, leaf fish etc…

    To reach the departure of this cruise

    Our cruise departure is from Tarakan. We recommend Jakarta (CGK) as your final destination for your international flight.




     Accommodation in a shared twin or double cabin
     All meals & snacks. Drinking water, soft drinks and hot drinks, espresso.
     All guided dives (1 guide /4 divers maximum)
     Aluminum tanks (12 lts), weights and belts
     Airport-boat transfers from/to the closest airport (departure and arrival)


    Park, Port, and distance fees: 200 €/pax (paid onboard)
     International and domestic flights
     Alcoholic beverages (you can BYOB)
     Diving equipment rental (see pricing below)
    100 cf (15 litre) tanks : 50 € / cruise
     Crew gratuities


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    Sample itinerary: 10 Days / 9 Nights  

    Derwawan Islands-Kalimantan Liveaboard Cruise

    Cruise Route: Tarakan – Derawan Islands – Tarakan

    This itinerary is just an example of what this cruise can be. Neither the number of dives and the dive locations are terms of the contract. According to the sea conditions, the visibility, the new discoveries we can do, and the wishes of the guests, the itinerary, and dives performed during your cruise can be slightly different from what is presented here.


    Day 1: Tarakan

    Guests reception at Tarakan airport, check-in, welcome drink, briefing, departure in the early afternoon. check-dive at Lalos jetty. Sea fans at jetty, frogfish, lionfish, pufferfish, a lot of macro

    • airport near Tarakan, Tarakan City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    • Boarding, 0 Dives

    Day 2: Pulau Sambit

    Pulau Sambit reef 2nd dive. Karang Gosungan reef 3rd dive. Mercusuar reef 4th dive. Gosungan slope (macro).

    • Pulau Sambit, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 3-4: Maratua

    8 dives in total: MARATUA CHANNEL, big schooling barracudas, turtles, sweetlips, great hammerheads,jackfish, etc. Big fish country: reef dive, dogtooth tunas, sharks, napoleons, turtles, fusiliers, etc Gorgonzola: wall dive jacks, napoleons, bump heads, turtles, sharks, macro CROSSING TO KAKABAN (SAMAMA) ISLAND- OVERNIGHT AT SAMAMA ISLAND

    • Maratua Island, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    • 8 Dives

    Day 5: Samama

    1st dive: BARRACUDA POINT; schooling barracudas, thresher sharks, napoleons, reef sharks, schooling butterfly fish, snappers, dogtooth tunas, turtles, macro 2nd dive: THE WALL, thresher sharks, reef sharks, napoleons, fusiliers, eagle rays, hammerheads, macro 3rd dive: snorkeling at jellyfish lagoon 4th dive: ND at jetty jellyfish, macro Overnight at Samama again

    • Pulau Samama, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 6: Sangalaki

    3 DIVES AT MANTA POINT,SANGALAKI ISLAND AT 17:30 release of the baby turtles on the beach

    • Sangalaki Island, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    • 3 Dives

    Day 7: Maratua-Tali Sayang


    • Maratua Island, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 8: Maratua

    Looking for bagans (fishing platforms) to dive and snorkle with whale sharks. CROSSING TO DERAWAN ISLAND (4:30 HOURS)

    • Maratua Island, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    • 1-2 Dives

    Day 9: Derawan Islands

    1st dive: small wreck in Derawan, a lot of turtles, cuttlefish, fusiliers, stingrays etc… 2nd dive: derawan slope, pigmy seahorses, turtles, octopus, cuttlefish, fusiliers, lionfish, frogfish etc…

    • Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    • 2 Dives

    Day 10: Tarakan

    Breakfast, Check-out according to guests flight schedule. Transfer to the airport, check-in assistance.

    • Tarakan, Tarakan City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
    • Disembarkation - 0 Dives

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