Halmahera Liveaboard White Manta – 10 Nights

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    • Halmahera / Lembeh / Raja Ampat
    • 11 Days/10 Nights - 30 Dives
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    Halmahera Liveaboard White Manta – 10 Nights

    Raja Ampat/Halmahera/Lembeh

    Liveaboard Cruise with MV White Manta

    11 Days/10 Nights – 30 Dives

    Sorong – Halmahera & Manado


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    11 Days/10 Nights: 4.050 US$ Upper & Main Deck / 3.650 US$ Lower Deck

    Single Occupancy + 20% / Non Diver 10% discount

    From September 2022, this cruise will be liable for surcharge.
    The fee per person will be collected in advance of departure:
    USD 200/ pax


    This route offers such a wealth of biodiversity starting with the spectacularly beautiful reefs around the South Raja Ampat area, travelling through Misool to Halmahera and then onto the critter heaven of Lembeh Strait. The cruise runs between Sorong in West Papua and Bitung in North Sulawesi.

    The majority of the dives during this trip are around the islands of Raja Ampat (West Papua) and Halmahera (North Muluku). We spend a day diving when we cross from Raja Ampat to Halmahera and again when we cross from Halmahera to Lembeh.

    Raja Ampat – This trip starts in the Misool area, where we spend upto 3 days. Corals are lush here and many of the divesites are now world reknown owing to the success of the marine park and large no-take zones.

    Pulau Pisang – Pisang means ‘Banana’ in Indonesian language but it is just a nice name. Pulau Pisang is our stop-off between Misool (Raja Ampat) and South Bacan (Halmahera). As with Tifore, we spend an entire day diving here since it is far from other places. Sloping reefs with amazing soft and hard corals and some lovely schools of fish and macro finds. We sometimes see eagle rays and other pelagics too.

    Halmahera – Kepulauan Goraici to the West, and Patientie Strait between, Bacan and Halmahera island in the south of the archipelago. We usually spend 3 days crossing through the dive areas here. Goraici has many small islands and pinnacles and we see a lot of different marine life amongst them. In the Patientie Strait there are 5 islands and many rocks bridging the current rich strait at one of it’s narrowest points. There are several divesites around the islands and macro diving is the main dish on the menu. If you like pretty critters like ornate ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses and possibly even blue-ringed octopus, you’re likely to be well represented here. However, the strait does boast some pretty strong currents sometimes too, so there are great opportunities to enjoy some of the unique aspects that current brings to a dive. South Bacan is the other area, there is a great dive site for pelagics, with a tremendous hard coral reef in the shallows. There is also a pretty good muck dive in this area.


    halmahera liveaboard map


    Tifore – A small island between Lembeh and Bacan / Halmahera. There is only one really good divesite here, but the bunus is that it is..usually…really really good! Undoubtedly the highlight, if we can find them, is a very large school of barracuda. The reef is quite large and quite beautiful. Large schools of golden damsels and redtooth triggers inhabit the steep walls delightfully furnished with big sponges and soft corals. it is common to find yourself engaged in schools of big-eye trevallies and black snapper as the odd large tuna idles by in the blue.

    Lembeh Strait – 2 dives on the last day – world famous for its muck and critter diving – long lazy dives offering photographers some of the most weird and wonderful marine creatures in the world. We encourage our divers to use a shore based resort to spend a few days in this area for a great treat either before or after your cruise.


    white manta liveaboard cruise


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    Sample itinerary: 11 Days/10 Nights, Raja Ampat – Halmahera – Lembeh Liveaboard Cruise

    Diving days: 10 days (30 dives). Number of dives is at Cruise Directors’ discretion. There are some exciting land based activities that may be offered as a substitute to maximize the adventure!

    This is a sample itinerary and is subject to changes beyond the operator’s control. The exact itinerary, route and amount of dives for your cruise may be adapted to best suit the weather conditions, tides and currents, season and other prevailing events.


    Day 1: Sorong Port

    3pm trip departure day. Our staff will meet you upon your arrival to Sorong Airport or local hotel and transfer you to the awaiting White Manta. Arrivals before midday are best so we can make check dive at Red Light District (Lampu Merah) just outside Sorong before we get underway for overnight sail (~11 hours)

    • Port of Sorong, Indonesia
    • 1 Dives

    Day 2: South Raja Ampat

    South Raja Ampat, Misool: Fiabacet, Boo, Wayil area.

    • Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 3: South Raja Ampat

    South Raja Ampat, Misool: Wayil & Pele area if weather & currents permit. Sail to Nempele (~6 hours).

    • Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 4: South Raja Ampat

    South Raja Ampat, Misool: Nempele. Exploring the West coast of Misool, a photography must with amazing mangroves in clear, shallow water. Sail to Pulau Pisang. (~7 hours).

    • Misool, Lilinta, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • 3 Dives

    Day 5: Pulau Pisang

    Pulau Pisang: quiet secluded island offers exclusivity, tranquility and a couple of nice divesites with lots to see. Sail to Pulau Bacan. (~12 hours).

    • Pulau Pisang, West Pesisir Regency, Lampung, Indonesia
    • 3 Dives

    Day 6: Pulau Bacan

    Pulau Bacan: reef sharks, jacks, snappers, barracudas and maybe a muck dive too! Sail to Patientie Strait (~7 hours).

    • Pulau Bacan, South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 7: Patientie Strait

    Patientie Strait: the mixture of islands and rocks offer great dives regardless of the moon phase and tidal changes. Protected areas offer some great macro and healthy reefs, whilst current rich dive sites offer a variety of action. Sail to Kepulauan Goraici (~6 hours).

    • Halmahera, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives

    Day 8: Kepulauan Goraichi

    Kepulauan Goraichi: Wide variety of different dive sites with opportunities to see large pelagics, great underwater topography, and macro alike. Sail to Tifore (~11 hours).

    • Goraichi Islands, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 9:

    Pulau Tifore; amazing divesite island in the Molucca Sea equidistant from Goraici & Lembeh, steep walled pinnacle garnished with corals, sponges, reef fishes and pelagics. Sail to Lembeh. (~11 hours).

    • Pulau Tifore, Pantai Sagu, Ternate City, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • 3 Dives

    Day 10: Lembeh Strait

    (2 dives) Critter dives in Lembeh Strait. Sail back to Bitung Port where you spend last night on board. Plenty of time to wash & dry equipment, rest & relaxation, and if need be, an early flight on trip departure day.

    • Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
    • 2 Dives

    Day 11: Manado Port

    5am-12pm. Check-out after a light breakfast, farewells, and transfer to local hotel or airport. Available departures from Manado to all major regional hubs around Indonesia depending on where you are going next.

    • MANADO PORT, Jalan Lembong, Pelabuhan, Manado City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
    • 0 Dives

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