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    Papua Liveaboard Katharina

    Papua Liveaboard

    Exploration Cruise with KATHARINA

    From: Ternate  To: Sorong

    Cruise Rate starts from 8.375 US$ – 12 Days / 11 Nights


    “In The Wake Of Wallace”

    papua liveaboard katharina


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    Sample itinerary: 12 Days/11 Nights – In the wake of Wallace – Exploration Liveaboard Cruise

    We reserve the right to change the travel itinerary or any agreed services, if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require us to do so.


    Day 1: Sorong Port

    Your flight will arrive in Sorong, the gateway to Raja Ampat. From the airport we will transfer you to the harbor where the Katharina will be waiting at anchor.
    Once settled into your cabin, your cruise tour leaders will familiarize you with the vessels facilities and safety procedures.
    We will weigh anchor, leave the harbor behind and cruise to a small island, where we can enjoy our first snorkel of the trip as we make our way north.

    • Port of Sorong, Indonesia
    • No Swimming or Snorkeling

    Day 2: Raja Ampat Archipelago

    Today we will rise very early and head off in the tenders to a small village, where local guides will take us on a walk into the forest to spot the gorgeous Wilsons Bird of Paradise.
    Back in the village there will be time to meet with the community and perhaps visit the school. We will be back on the boat by mid-morning and if time permits we will travel over to a nearby island to snorkel.
    In the afternoon, we will go snorkeling on the beautiful reefs that fill this area.

    • Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Swimming or Snorkeling

    Day 3: Dampier Strait

    We will rise early once more to see the remarkable Red Bird of Paradise, and with a little luck and the help of our knowledgeable guides, we will see this rare bird’s elaborate courtship display as dawn breaks over the forest canopy.
    Once we back to the ship, we will turn our attention from the sky to the sea as the Ombak Putih makes her way through the Dampier Strait, home of some of Raja Ampats premier reefs.
    There is a chance that we may get to see some manta rays as we snorkel, but there are no guarantees. We will end the day by mooring off another tiny island, where the local children will perform their traditional dances for us and followed by exploring this charming village.

    • Dampier Strait, Indonesia
    • Swimming or Snorkeling

    Day 4: Dampier Strait

    Today is a day of exploration and snorkeling and we will spend the day visiting a local village, and snorkeling on the many great reefs in the area.
    We will visit a replica of Alfred Russel Wallaces hut that was built by SeaTrek and call in on island where a local man has set up a coconut crab sanctuary for what is the worlds largest terrestrial arthropod.
    We will have another late afternoon snorkel along a reef with some spectacular giant clams (the worlds largest marine arthropod and mollusc) will lead us into dinner at anchor on board.

    • Dampier Strait, Indonesia
    • Exploration & Snorkeling

    Day 5: Karst Islands

    Today is another day or snorkeling, Wallace tracking, and exploring some of Raja Ampats most beautiful limestone Karst islands.
    We will wake up in front of the island of Penemu, a dramatic location with a short hilltop climb to take in the amazing views, before continuing our island hopping northwards to an island where at duck, tens of thousands of fruit bats fly out to feed.
    This night we will find a remote beach where we will have a beach BBQ and party.

    • Raja Ampat Islands, Waisilip, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Exploration Day

    Day 6: Misool

    This morning we will wake to see the sun rise over the picturesque chain of islands that makes up the eastern part of the Misool archipelago. Our tenders will take us to a large cave where it is possible to swim, snorkel or simply float while gazing up at the cavernous grotto adorned with stalactites.
    We will then move on to a mysterious jellyfish lake and swim amongst the many thousands of stingless animals: undoubtedly one of Raja Ampats most memorable activities.
    In the afternoon, we will use our tenders to explore more of this impressive maze of Karst islands, both above and below the surface, complete with mysterious skull cairns in sea-cave cemeteries, and prehistoric cave paintings, estimated to be anything between 3,000 to 5,000 years old.

    • Misool, Lilinta, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Exploration Day

    Day 7: Karst Islands

    We will wake early once again and go ashore, where local guides will be waiting for us to take us through the forest to hopefully see the Lesser Bird of Paradise as they dance around in their lekking trees.
    On the way back, we have time for a stroll around the village and possibly a visit to the school and to learn about the way Nature Conservancy is working with the village to empower with local women with a fishing practice called sasi.

    • Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Exploration Day

    Day 8: Halmahera South

    Today we will find ourselves off the extreme southern tip of Halmahera Island, where we will go snorkeling and visit a local Bajau sea gypsy village and learn about their way of life.

    • Halmahera, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • Swimming or Snorkeling

    Day 9: Bacan Island

    We will wake up off the western coast of Bacan and go ashore to explore the forested slopes in search of Wallaces Giant Bee and the huge and magnificent Golden Birdwing Butterfly.
    During this trip we might see some of other endemic animals of these islands, including parrots, cockatoos, lorikeets, hornbills, the elusive cuscus and the endangered Black-crested Macaque.

    • Pulau Bacan, South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • Exploration Day

    Day 10: Bacan Island

    Once again we will set off early into the forest to, this time by car, to see Wallaces Standardwing Bird of Paradise doing their courtship displays in their favorite trees. We will also spend the morning looking out for other birds including hornbills, giant cuckoos, parrots, and possibly the Paradise-crow, another species of Bird of Paradise.
    Continuing on to the Weda Bay Resort, we will have lunch before returning to the boat.

    • Bacan Island, South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • Exploration Day

    Day 11: Halmahera

    Today we will wake up off the coast of Halmahera and we will head to the village of Dodinga: the very place where AR Wallace was living when he discovered the mechanism which drives evolutionary change – natural selection. His Letter to Charles Darwin was the catalyst that prompted Darwin to publish his book Origin of Species in 1859, which explained the theory in greater detail.
    Dodinga is a pretty little riverside village with friendly people, colorful houses and the ruins of an old Portuguese fort, and its importance in the history of science cannot be understated. After spending some time with the villagers, sharing some fresh coconuts and enjoying their hospitality,

    • Halmahera Selatan, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • Exploration Day

    Day 12: North Maluku

    Today marks the end of our adventure, but first we will head out for a tour of the city, which has retained its commercial and political importance as the administrative and trading centre of North Maluku.
    We will visit a couple of old Portuguese and Dutch forts and pay a visit to the Sultans Palace with its rich collection of heirlooms.

    • Maluku Utara Agro Marine Technopark, Lipi Ternate, Sasa, Ternate City, North Maluku, Indonesia
    • Exploration Day

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