Raja Ampat & Banda Sea Liveaboard with MSY Seahorse

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    Raja Ampat & Banda Sea Liveaboard with MSY Seahorse


    Raja Ampat & Banda Sea

    Liveaboard Cruises with MSY SEAHORSE


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    Cruise Duration & Rate start from:

    12 Days/11 Nights – 4.490 €          From: Sorong  to: Saumlaki

    Please Note: MSY SEAHORSE Liveaboard is charging it’s liveaboard cruise rates in Euro!
    Published prices in US$ are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations.


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    If people probably heard about the Galapagos Islands, Malpeo, or Layang Layang for their shoals of Great hammerhead sharks, the Banda Sea and its Ring of Fire is a rare fortune to dive with hammerhead sharks and other pelagic in the hot waters of Indonesia. On the top 5 areas to encounter Squat-headed and Scalloped Hammerheads, our cruises will take you to remote spots for an unforgettable diving experience.

    Whales also frequently pass through the strait. Walls, drop-offs, boomies, and pinnacles so colorful and so healthy! 


    hammerhead shark banda sea


    Main points: the Banda Sea is characterized by very good visibility. Warm waters. Some exceptional dive sites as “Too Many fish” in Koon, a great wall with incredible fish life, Manuk with so many sea snakes, Nil Desperendum and its Hammerhead sharks, and many more that we prefer to keep secret. Walls on the islands around Banda Neira.

    First, this pristine diving destination is only reachable with Liveaboards. Second, like most of the Asian countries, Indonesia is subject to monsoons. Southeast monsoon and upwelling primarily on the eastern side make the Banda Sea practicable with safety during the Inter monsoons only.



    Banda Sea liveaboard on our boats brings you across the Ring of Fire and the forgotten islands, steeped in history and blessed with some of the finest diving in the country, with an immense variety and volumes of both large and small species. We visit many different islands and a great variety of dive sites. To make the experience unique, our itineraries mostly combine the Banda Sea with another great destination  Raja Ampat  Alor  Triton Bay  Ambon, to always offer a precious mix of wide-angle and macro subjects. The Banda Sea is, even more, a synonym for biodiversity.

    The very clear and nutrient-rich upwelling waters bring in hammerhead sharks schooling and pelagic such as sunfish (mola mola), dogtooth tuna, reef shark and sailfish. Whales also frequently pass through the strait. Walls, drop-offs, boomies, and pinnacles so colorful and so healthy! – one dive site has a bottom literally covered with anemones –  In Alor critters can be encountered in a colorful reef environment and in the black sand bays of Kalabahi and Biang.

    banda sea liveaboard seahorse

    From Sorong to Saumlaki

    This cruise will bring you across the Banda sea & the ring of fire, steeped in history and blessed with some of the finest diving in the country, with an immense variety and volumes of both large and small species. traveling for about 550 nautical miles. We visit many different islands and a great variety of dive sites till Triton Bay.

    The very clear and nutrient-rich upwelling waters bring in pelagic, dogtooth tunas, reef sharks and large schools of hammerhead sharks during the months we visit the area (Sept-Nov), sailfishes

    The scenery is breathtaking: underwater fallings and coral reef. On land you will find deserted beaches, aboriginal villages and so many breathtaking landscapes.This is a rare and unique opportunity to cruise, dive and explore one of the ultimates, very remote and untouched paradise on earth.

    Some of the species you will encounter

    Great Hammerhead sharks, Squat-headed and Scalloped Hammerheads, whale sharks, Barracudas, surgeonfishes, Bumphead parrotfishes, Trevallies and giant trevallies, spadefish. Napoleon wrasse, sunfish (mola-mola), dogtooth tunas, reef sharks, sailfishes, bonitos, waow, manta rays, mobulas, Seahorse, frogfish, leaf fish, scorpionfish. Black corals forests, gorgonian fields & soft corals.


    banda sea diving liveaboard


    About Misool | South Raja Ampat

    Exceptional for wide angle and macro, underwater life, mantas, lots of fish, soft corals and gorgonian fields. 

    Raja Ampat also presents magnificent landscapes to explore—labyrinths of quartz islands, vast mangrove forests, deserted beaches, and lagoons. We offer our guests to go for a tour to small villages or in search of the famous birds of paradise…

    Now you know why choosing one Raja Ampat diving zone out of the 3 would not make your diving liveaboard experience complete. As well located as the best Raja Ampat resort can be, as fast its speedboats are, a land-based trip even in the most luxury Raja Ampat resort will push you to nothing else than planning another Raja Ampat adventure as soon as possible. But if you have time, at least 3 weeks in total, then after your Raja Ampat liveaboard luxury diving experience all over the place, chilling on the beach in Paradise will be appreciated.


    dive banda seahorse


     Accommodation in a shared twin or double cabin
     All meals & snacks. Drinking water, soft drinks and hot drinks, espresso.
     All guided dives (1 guide /4 divers maximum)
     Aluminum tanks (12 lts), weights and belts
     Airport-boat transfers from/to the closest airport (departure and arrival)


     Park and port fee + fuel surcharge: 275 €/pax (paid onboard)
     International and domestic flights
     Alcoholic beverages (you can BYOB)
     Diving equipment rental (see pricing below)
     100 cf (15 litre) tanks : 65 € / cruise
     Crew gratuities


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    Sample itinerary: 12 Days/11 Nights Raja Ampat & Banda Sea Liveaboard Cruise

    Cruise Route: Sorong – Raja Ampat – Banda Sea – Saumlaki

    This itinerary is just an example of what this cruise can be. Neither the number of dives and the dive locations are terms of the contract. According to the sea conditions, the visibility, the new discoveries we can do, and the wishes of the guests, the itinerary, and dives performed during your cruise can be slightly different from what is presented here.


    Day 1: Sorong

    Guest reception at Sorong airport, check-in, welcome drink, briefing, departure in early afternoon. According to the weather forecast, we will start the tour by the south or the North. In this schedule, we present the option starting with the South. Overnight Navigation through Sele Strait to reach the East of Misool. Arrival early morning.

    • Port of Sorong, Indonesia
    • Boarding - 0 Dives

    Day 2-5: Misool

    In East Misool you will discover 3 fantastic dives: No contest, Love potion, 3 Rocks. Rocks with vertical walls and fantastic coverage of soft corals, lot of fishes with schools of Platax, aggregations of snappers, bump head parrotfishes. We spend the night in the hidden lagoon, a very special anchorage inside an almost closed bay surrounded by high rocks. From the boat, we can hear and see the cachants before the night falls. We will go with the dinghies to have a look at another lagoon. After a short morning navigation, we will go to Misool South East and start another day of diving in the vicinity of Misool eco-resort: Boo Rocks with 2 large openings in the rock that completely pierce the island from the surface to 5 meters deep, Fiabacet, Fantasea. A gain an explosion of colors and fish density. In the evening, we organize a dinner on the beach of a small island. Misool east. Fashion dives in Misool, Yellit Kecil , a great wall with excellent fans and soft corals, rock tank, Nudi rock . Night navigation to Penemu and Fam Islands. Overnight navigation to Pisang

    • Misool, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • 3-4 Dives Daily

    Day 6: Pisang Island

    4 dives on this group of islands. Numerous eagle and marble rays

    • Pulau Pisang, West Pesisir Regency, Lampung, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 7: Koon Island

    A very fishy corner with a lot of fishes, including giant groupers, schools of batfish, schools of jacks, and possibly hammerheads. 3 dives

    • Pulau Koon, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 8: Banda Neira

    4 dives in around the legendary Banda islands. Walls, crystal clear water, lots of fishes

    • Banda Neira, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku, Indonesia
    • 4 Dives

    Day 9-10: Manuk

    3 dives + night dOne of the highlight is the abundance of sea snakes. Hammerheads also frequently spotted during this season Nil Desperandum – 3 dives on this offshore reef far from any visible land. Walls, pelagic and possible encounter with schooling hammerheads.

    • Pulau Manuk, Indonesia
    • 3 Dives & 1 Night Dive

    Day 11: Dai Island

    2 dives on the corners of this remote and beautiful island. Walls, corners, pelagics.

    • Pulau Dai, Maluku Barat Daya Regency, Maluku, Indonesia
    • 2 Dives

    Day 12: Saumlaki

    Breakfast, Check-out according to guests flight schedule. Transfer to the airport, check-in assistance.

    • Saumlaki, Tanimbar Islands Regency, Maluku, Indonesia
    • Disembarkation - 0 Dives

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