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    Raja Ampat Liveaboard Ombak Putih

    The Jewels of Raja Ampat

    Liveaboard Cruise with Ombak Putih

    with Dr. Joe Mueller

    From Sorong to Sorong

    Cruise Rate starts from 6.850 US$ – 10 Days / 9  Nights


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    raja ampat liveaboard ombak putih


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    The more you know the more you see. Imagine gliding through dreamy fairy tale landscapes of karst limestone spires, mysterious caves, ancient rock paintings and endless secret coves filled with corals and fish of every color?  This time the dreamlike landscape is painted with the fascinating stories of the forces that created these uplifts and perfect habitats for marine life. 

    How about floating in body-temperature water watching endless species of fish swim below over the backdrop of kaleidoscope corals, or rolling over and floating on your back when you hear the screech of a sulphur-crested cockatoo flying past highlighted against the backdrop of a lush green landscape?  Because of our expert and his hosting, you will begin to understand why that cockatoo is there and what has created those endless species of fish that are willing to passively share their home with you as you hear the stories of symbiosis, and natural selection. 

    Think about the otherworldly experience of drifting among masses of rare stingless jellyfish while understanding that these elegant creatures are actively farming their own food.  This sublime experience takes on another dimension when you understand you are afloat in a forest pool of evolution!   

    For a more terrestrial experience, think of an early morning cool and misty forest walk while considering the intrigue of the spectacular male dancers of the forest. You will learn how they work their entire lives to hone their bodies, build their performance space and tirelessly practice their seductive dance in an all or nothing effort to perpetuate their family line. This is the magic of seeing the secret and seductive dancing of the iconic birds of paradise? 

    If this sounds like you then let Joe Mueller and SeaTrek bring you to see the real Jewels of Indonesia – the islands of Raja Ampat. 


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    Sample itinerary: 12 Days/11 Nights Jewels of Raja Ampat Liveaboard Cruise

    We reserve the right to change the travel itinerary or any agreed services, if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require us to do so.


    Day 1: Sorong Port

    Upon your morning arrival at Sorong airport you will be greeted by your SeaTrek tour leader taken to the boat. After a welcome drink, an introduction to your ecological expert Joe Mueller and a brief safety orientation you can begin to settle into your new home for the next ten days. Once all is squared away we will set a course for the southernmost islands of the Raja Ampat National Park.
    After an alfresco lunch, and an introductory briefing on the underwater world you are about to enter into, we will stop for our first swim and snorkel of the voyage on one of the many beautiful coral reefs. As we continue south through the night we will have pre-dinner cocktails served on the back deck as the sun goes down followed by dinner, a briefing of the next days activities and socializing.

    • Port of Sorong, Indonesia
    • 0 Dives

    Day 2: Misool

    Today we wake up at the eastern end of the Misool archipelago, a picturesque chain of jungle-covered limestone islets with spectacular coral reefs offering some fantastic snorkeling.
    We will spend the day exploring the many inlets, bays, and beaches with some trekking, swimming, and of course snorkeling. Joe will help you learn about the natural forces that have shaped this amazing place and the types of things to look for in the special environment. We will also break out the kayaks and standup paddleboards for some seaborne adventuring fun.
    After our full day of island and water activities Joe and our tour leader will give you the nightly briefing including a natural world presentation that will focus on the unique environments you will be visiting the next day. We will spend a quiet night at anchor under the stars in position for the next day.

    • Misool, Lilinta, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Swimming & Snorkeling

    Day 3: Misool Archipelago

    After an early breakfast, our day starts with a swim and a snorkel through a giant dome-roofed sea cave filled with massive stalagmites and stalactites, one of the areas most otherworldly experiences.
    We will then move on to the mysterious stingless jellyfish lake, one of only 20 in the world, literally a pool of evolution where these amazing creatures exist – we will carefully swim amongst the many beautiful and stingless animals.
    Using our tenders, we will visit some mysterious skull cairns in sea-cave cemeteries, and prehistoric cave paintings, estimated to be anything between 3,000 to 5,000 years old and depicting various human figures and huge human hands, fish and flowers.

    • Misool, Lilinta, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Swimming & Snorkeling

    Day 4: Batanta Island

    Today we will try our best to see the Lesser Birds of Paradise in the wild, an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to see them. Joe will explain their seductive dance. We will rise early and walk through the forest to hopefully see the birds as they dance around in their lekking trees performing as their life depends on it.
    In the afternoon, an underwater exploration will take place as we snorkel around one of the best coral reefs you will find anywhere. Schools of fish hanging out in clear blue water and walls adorned with colorful sea fans. Test your improving spotting skill by finding surprising creatures in the shallower areas. Joe will reveal the amazing life stories of many of them. Late in the afternoon, we will be watching the sunset while sailing our way north to Batanta island.

    • Batanta, Wailebet, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Swimming & Snorkeling

    Day 5: Batanta Islands

    Today the island of Batanta, depending on the tides and luck, a potential chance to see mantas as well as a chance to see new types of scenery. We will enjoy a chance to stretch our legs with an adventurous jungle trek where Joe will tell you lots about the many birds, butterflies and special insects found here.
    We start the day with a slow cruise through a dense mangroves ecosystem followed by a short walk through the forest to the first of two waterfalls, where we can swim and cool off. The most energetic of the group can keep heading upriver where a second, larger cascade awaits.
    After getting back to the boat and having lunch, we will go snorkeling and get the paddle boards and kayaks in the water, before heading north later in the afternoon and overnight cruise to a beautiful group of islands.

    • Batanta, Wailebet, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Swimming & Snorkeling

    Day 6: Batanta Islands

    In the morning, we will visit a pearl farm tucked away in a protected, deep water cove and tour the facilities to learn how this precious commodity is produced and harvested. Pearling is an important industry and provides employment for many people in the area.
    We will spend the afternoon snorkeling and kayaking amongst three small islands linked together by some pristine coral reefs, or you can simply choose to relax on the beach.

    • Batanta, Wailebet, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Swimming & Snorkeling

    Day 7: Batanta Islands

    This morning will explore a small group of limestone islands filled with coves and beautiful reefs.  After breakfast, we will go ashore for a short climb to a vantage point where we can survey our beautiful surroundings, before heading out to snorkel on the beautiful reefs.
    During lunch we will head to a small island located in between Gam and Mansuar where the currents bring rich nutrients to the coral reefs. The three famous jetties offer so much underwater life scenery – schools of fish, the shy black tip reef sharks, the elegant spadefish and the magnificent giant clams.

    • Batanta, Wailebet, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Swimming & Snorkeling

    Day 8: Central Raja Ampat

    Central Raja Ampat stores many magical underwater gems. Today, we will be exploring some of them.
    Starting with a visit to a local village in the central of Mansuar island which promotes sustainability through their education center, solar-powered street lights, and sustainable fishing practice through local community effort. Its house reef offers an abundance of marine life which is why we will spend the rest of our morning snorkeling here and if we are lucky, maybe a sight of a wobbegong shark.
    Another underwater adventure awaits in the afternoon as we make our way to the eastern point of Mansuar. Famous for its school of big fish, you can see humphead wrasse and school of giant trevalley swimming next to each other, maybe greeted by the resident hawksbill turtle. You should be able to keep Joe very busy with questions after being in this amazing pool of life.
    Tonight, we will have a beach BBQ and party with the crew under the stars.

    • Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

    Day 9: Central Raja Ampat

    Today sees a super early start as we head off into the forest in search of the incredible Red Bird of Paradise. The walk takes about 40 minutes, and as we arrive at the bird site at dawn, if we are lucky, we will see the incredible mating displays of these birds in the canopy of the rainforest. This is a David Attenborough moment if ever there was one.
    We will then walk through a colorful local village and meet the people who call this wonderful corner of paradise home and see how they live their daily lives.
    Back on the boat we will head off for some more great snorkeling in the famous wall on the east of Gam island where you can surely find something that will stump Joes amazing knowledge of the marine world. We then sail overnight to an island nearby Sorong.

    • Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
    • Bird Exploration

    Day 10: Sorong Port

    We will wake up anchored in Sorong and have one last hearty breakfast on board of the Ombak Putih before venturing on our very last adventure in Doom Island with traditional transportation called Becak. During the First World War, the island served as an administrative center of Dutch Empire administration in West Papua and continued to become the core of Sorong for some time before the city grew in mainland Papua. During the Second World War, Japanese forces occupied and fortified the island, building a network of tunnels and bunkers. The island was attacked by American and Australian aircraft throughout the war. Following the war, a fishing station was briefly established on the island before it was moved to Manokwari. 
    After our little adventure, we will bid farewell to the ship and her crew. Our tenders will take you ashore for your transfer to the airport for your onward travel.

    • Port of Sorong, Indonesia
    • No swimming & snorkeling

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